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2023 Meeting Minutes

All Meetings Are Held In Accordance With The Open Public Meetings Act and an announcement of the same had been mailed to the local newspapers and to the Clerk of the Borough of Belmar, and minutes of the meetings will be available after board approval at a subsequent meeting.






            NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Housing Authority of the Borough of Belmar that the regular meetings of the Housing Authority will be held at 5:15 p.m., prevailing time on the first Monday of each month with the exception of the months of January, September and October and it will be on the first Tuesday of the month. 



                                    January 3rd                  July 3rd           

                                    February 6th                 August 7th      

                                    March 6th                     September 5th       

                                    April 3th                       October 3rd       

                                    May 1st                        November 6th          

                                    June 5th                        December 4th       



All meetings will be held at the Housing Authority, 710 8th Avenue, Belmar, NJ.  Participation by the public at regular meetings shall be at such time as set forth in the agenda of the meeting at the direction of the presiding officer.


            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that The Coast Star is hereby designated as our official newspaper for the notices and said notice may be sent to either or all where necessary under provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act.




Paul DeSantis, Executive Director    

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